Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when a tree needs to be trimmed versus removing the entire tree?

The answer depends on many factors. Perhaps a tree is growing close to the house and several branches are starting to rub against your walls. If the tree is healthy and in overall good shape, it may be desirable to only cut the limbs closest to the house and leave the tree standing. However, if the roots are pushing against the foundation of your home, or the tree is very old and dying, it may be more desirable to remove the entire tree. That is why most tree care decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

What costs go into tree removal?

Costs include many variables such as the time and labor involved and the type of equipment required for the job. For example, a tree requiring a cutting crew of two would cost less than a tree requiring a crew of four. Some trees can be removed by cutting from the ground. Others require the use of special equipment such as a bucket truck, a chipper, or ropes and blocks. Some trees can be worked from a road or driveway, while others are more isolated and harder to reach.

Why do I need a tree service? Can’t I just cut down the tree myself?

Of course you can always cut down the tree yourself, as many people do. The reason for using a tree service company is that we have special equipment and expertise that the homeowner may not possess. Our crews have been trained to use proper techniques for felling trees, for climbing, and working from a bucket.

Another good reason to use a tree service is that any company worth hiring will have insurance to cover any potential damage done by their work. If a tree falls on your house while a tree service is working on it, it is their problem, but if it falls on your house while you are working on it, it is the homeowner's problem.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it entirely?

This depends on what you plan on doing with the area afterward. If you want to smooth the spot over and plant grass, we recommend grinding the stump down and covering it with several inches of soil. No one will ever know the stump is down there. However, if you plan to use the area for gardening or to build a structure, it may be best to remove the stump entirely. We can help you assess the pros and cons of each solution.