Lost Creek Tree and Stump Removal Business

We have built our business around trees. We do not work in landscaping or lawn care. In this way we can focus our energy on one set of problems and develop expertise in this area. Our work falls into three general categories:

Tree Removal:

There are many ways to remove a tree, depending on location, circumstances, type of tree, and other factors. We will assess the problem and give you several options to accomplish your goal. Different challenges require the use of different kinds of equipment. These variables will be discussed with you to insure you understand your options and that you and our crew are in agreement on the solution.

Tree Trimming:

Sometimes trees do not have to be removed, merely cut back. A tree may grow too tall for its surroundings, threatening power lines or houses. Perhaps the problem can be solved by removing some of the limbs, rather than the entire tree. In each case, we will discuss options with you and let you decide how best to accomplish your tree care goal.

Stump Removal:

The most common method of stump removal is grinding. In this method a large machine, similar to a giant chainsaw, is used to chew up the stump until it is several inches below the surface of the ground. The homeowner is then free to cover the remainder with soil and plant grass or other greenery over it. Another method is to dig up and physically remove the entire stump. This method is more time-consuming and therefore more costly.